Two player Games - Featured games

  • Red driver 2
    Red driver 2
  • Battle over berlin
    Battle over berlin
  • 1 on 1 Soccer
    1 on 1 Soccer
  • Bazooka battle
    Bazooka battle
  • Racing car 2
    Racing car 2
  • Dbz battle
    Dbz battle
  • Champion football stars 2016
    Champion football stars 2016
  • Tom and Jerry Bomberman
    Tom and Jerry Bomberman
  • Deluxe Pool
    Deluxe Pool
  • Mario Tractor Multiplayer
    Mario Tractor Multiplayer
  • Tank Wars Arena
    Tank Wars Arena
  • Box in 2
    Box in 2
  • Football Heads: La Liga
    Football Heads: La Liga
  • Tap for fun
    Tap for fun
  • Sumo party
    Sumo party
  • Pou Escape
    Pou Escape
  • Truck 3d player 2
    Truck 3d player 2
  • Buldozer brothers
    Buldozer brothers

New games - Two player Games

3d darts

We know you love kizi games that's why we brought you a new game in two that we hope you like. You will see it as a 3D Darts game for 2 players, in which you have to be sure that you can have a very good target, because ...

Pandas in the desert

We know you love kizi games that's why we brought you a new game in two that we hope you like. the new Pandas game in the desert is very much loved by the kids and that's why we invite you to try and play it with your fr ...

Fireboy and Watergirl Treasure Addicts

We know that in the category of children's favorites are online games 2 games and especially the games between friends. Fireboy and watergirl treasure stolen you will test your will and subject themselves to new challen ...

2 Players Challenge

In this game you will have 2 people a great challenge. This game is played in 2 players/people. Call a friend and intreceti in the most crazy race car speed. Competing for first place against your opponents. Accelerates ...

Slither io

If you like games multiplayer online realtime then don't miss! In this new game you have to eat to grow colored Christmas trimmings to be invincible! In this game in multiplayer, Slither 2-3-4, you're a snake ...

Pet Soccer

The animals are greatly appreciated in 2 copies so you intend to have fun with a football game with animals who can play for two players. In this game are animals: dogs, cats, horses and various other small and big anima ...

Toon Cup 2017

Toon Cup 2017 you will definitely love, because we know you are passionate about cartoon network games with your favorite heroes, and here we have a summit of soccer games for kids where you have to look like you are the ...

Wormax io

Wormax io is an online game play featured in the multiplayer and html5 games category at Friv. You must end all the challenges of the game and grow a larger snake without others players striking and stealing your life. a ...

Bubble Struggle

Bubble Struggle 2 is by far the most played ball games these balls trouble you put the mind and skill quest In this classic game, you can take control of a Hunter relentlessly balls. Your objective is to break all the ba ...

Horsey racing

In the gaming category with a new horse racing game with Friv 2-way mark naravasi. You must finish the race with the horse on which you choose and the way you can do many stunts with your horse. You have to jump fences a ...

Dino Meat Hunt

Dino hunt meat-meat hunting Dinosaurs is a logical game with dinosaurs like Friv 2. In this game you have to help the two dinosaurs to gather the food they need to survive. As filed are increasingly difficult levels and ...

Supersnake io is an online multiplayer game that is really fun and exciting. In this game you have to accumulate power and you grow with your snake you have to avoid being hit by snakes who rank higher. You can avoid ste ...

New games

  • Wasteland Warriors
    Wasteland Warriors
  • Orb wars mayhem
    Orb wars mayhem
  • Pet Sledding
    Pet Sledding
  • Ultimul sef in 2
    Ultimul sef in 2
  • Fortz
  • Fish Eat Fish
    Fish Eat Fish
  • Sea Battleship
    Sea Battleship
  • Gunr io
    Gunr io
  • Noughts and Crosses extreme
    Noughts and Crosses extreme
  • Rooftop Snipers
    Rooftop Snipers
  • Begods
  • Steven Universe Beach City Volleyball GP
    Steven Universe Beach City Volleyball GP
  • Avatar fortress fight 2
    Avatar fortress fight 2
  • Frantic Ninjas
    Frantic Ninjas
  • Elsa vs Barbie Fashion Contest
    Elsa vs Barbie Fashion Contest
  • FireFox and IceFox
    FireFox and IceFox
  • Sports Heads Basketball Championship
    Sports Heads Basketball Championship
  • Mypuppetio
  • Big Farm
    Big Farm
  • Red driver 2
    Red driver 2
  • Punching desperado
    Punching desperado
  • Dino Meat Hunt Extra 2
    Dino Meat Hunt Extra 2
  • Sport heads basketball
    Sport heads basketball
  • Battle over berlin
    Battle over berlin
  • Goodgame Empire
    Goodgame Empire
  • Ztype

Two player Games

We know you like two players games and that's why we have a category for these games and we invite you to play because they are very interesting. We know that games for two players have been developed to increase the compotitiveness.  We have a vast coelction of 2 players games, starting from action games, racing games, or logic. No matter what category you choose, the games for 2 players are carefully selected and we are sure that you will enjoy it. So call your friends in countless battles in the most beautiful online games online on our website designed especially for children and for fun. Choose the best two players games here on our website. Choose to play the best two players game and you will definitely love them.
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